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Contact us: niagarafallsnatureclub@gmail.com

Winter walks and outings will be scheduled approximately a week in advance, giving leaders an opportunity to gauge the weather conditions and plan appropriately.

NFNC members will receive an email with details of upcoming opportunities and instructions to register.

Walk opportunities will also be posted on the Niagara Falls Nature Club Facebook page.

Would you like to lead a walk? Do you have a special place, at a particular time of year, that you would like to share? Email niagarafallsnatureclub@gmail.com to volunteer.

Niagara Falls Nature Club Waivers

Please take a few minutes to read carefully and then fill out the NFNC Release of Liability.

There are three waiver forms on our website. Members need only fill out the NFNC Release of Liability – one for each person, not family. If you have children who accompany you on outings or to meetings, please fill out an Addendum – Release of Liability for Minors for each child. These waivers only need to be filled out once each year. You can either sign them electronically and email them to niagarafallsnatureclub@gmail.com or print them and sign and bring them to the next outing or meeting that you attend. Please let us know if any information on your form changes.

The non-member waiver is only for guests who will attend a single walk.