Celebrating a Breeding Pair of Sandhill Cranes
07 Jun

Celebrating a Breeding Pair of Sandhill Cranes – By Lisa Bacon While driving to Niagara Falls on the chilly and drizzly morning of May 30th, 2020, I noticed an adult Sandhill Crane standing hundreds of meters from the busy road, infront of a well treed lot. Knowing Sandhill Cranes are not as common throughout Niagara during the warmer months, I decided to pull over and observe this majestic bird in its natural habitat.  Having my camera handy on the passenger seat, I snapped a photograph, immediately reviewing it.  There, in the background was another adult Sandhill Crane laying down at the tree line!  Appreciating this pair, I decided to wait a few moments to see if they would further emerge from the many trees, and perhaps walk towards the grass field. Just then, the second adult stood up, and began to forage towards the field.  I was wishing and hoping for a clear view.  To my surprise, I noticed a small yellow puff ball moving beside one of the Sandhill Cranes! I thought, could it be? Not one, but TWO adorable colts became visible! As I observed this beautiful moment with nature, I couldn’t wait to share this wonderful observation and photos with the Niagara Falls Nature Club, and fellow bird watchers. This news of Sandhill Cranes successfully breeding here in the Niagara Region is definitely worth celebrating! It warms my heart knowing Sandhill Cranes will mate for life, sometimes as long as 2 decades together! Wishing the Niagara Region Sandhill Crane family all the best in the future, and hope to goodness they stay safe.

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27 Apr

R. W. Sheppard Award for 2020 presented virtually to Marcie Jacklin Normally the conservation award of the Niagara Falls Nature Club is presented at our annual dinner meeting in April, when friends and colleagues gather to celebrate the best among us. With the adjustments to our routines necessitated by COVID-19, this occasion has been deferred to a more appropriate time. Some news just won’t wait, and so it is that we announce that the R. W. Sheppard Award for 2020 is being presented virtually to Marcie Jacklin, to recognize and honour her for her contributions to the Niagara community in the field of nature. Marcie’s passion for birding has led to her giving presentations to numerous nature clubs, as well as several libraries and service clubs, and to leading many bird watching hikes. She served as compiler for many years for Christmas Bird Counts and as director for the Buffalo Ornithological Society and the Ontario Field Ornithologists. She helped with Niagara’s Natural Areas Inventories and wrote four chapters in Niagara Birds, edited by John Black and Kayo Roy. She studied the wellness of residents in a nursing home after bird feeders were installed. Marcie is currently Chair of the Niagara Birding Conservation and Tourism Collaborative which is hoping to improve conditions for birds and birders visiting Niagara. She is proud to be one of the founding members and President of Community Voices of Fort Erie, an incorporated group advocating for protecting Fort Erie’s critical natural and historical resources for the benefit of current and future residents and visitors to Fort Erie. When in the future our lives move into the “new normal”, and we again gather to embrace our nature club family, we will complete this journey with the giving of the tangible plaque that marks the presentation of the R.W. Sheppard Award for Conservation to our dear friend and fellow member, Marcie Jacklin.

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23 Apr

Charlie PryerOur club fondly remembers Charlie Pryer, President of NFNC from 1978 to 1984, President of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists (now Ontario Nature) and recipient of the R. W. Sheppard Award for Conservation in 1989. He was a man who loved nature and his family, and who worked to preserve our natural areas. He loved birding, canoeing, laughing, and sharing stories.   So many good memories with those fortunate to have known him.Charles Albert Pryer

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